November 20th 2007 - New Division Capeni BULK Foodstuff Road Tankers


November 20th 2007

      We get in touch with you in order to inform you about the development of a new line of business in our company.

     Our target is to communicate loaders and providers of transport of alimentary cisterns all around Europe, that way we will establish a network of collaboration in order that none of our clients remains unattended.

     Every company of transport will be able to report of available units for load in any part of Europe; Capeni Bulk will spread the information among our collaborators and clients in order to obtain returns and/or cabotage with greater agility.

     In the same way, if you have a load why to call several companies of transport?. We can help you to find a vehicle to deliver your product in any part of Europe at the best rate.

     On the other hand, Capeni Bulk is developing a database of loaders all across Europe to put it at your disposal in order to develop your business all through the European Continent without fearing your client proposes a difficult trip, you will always be able to give him/her the service to fulfil their needs.

     For all what we have explained above we invite you to take part in our project.

     Give us an opportunity to help you in this business no matter if you are a loader and/or provider of transport, send us your contact information (preferably e-mail address) and we will provide you with the information that you need.

     If you have a load or a free vehicle, we ask you to send us as much information as you can about it to the following mail address: info@capenibulk.es, it will be a pleasure for us to help you.

     Thank you very much in advance for your collaboration and we hope our work can make your company bigger.

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